Positive Affirmations : how and why they DO work

Grieving is hard work. Often our bodies take longer than our brains, to process difficult information like a loss. That is why we have embodied grief responses like feeling tired, heavy, depleted, foggy or even sick. This physical state is very real and requires deep rest, self care and time. Sometimes it can take weeks before we feel we can muster enough energy for even a short walk outside or a venture to the local store. Regardless of what grief phase you may find yourself in today, grieving is hard work!

Healing from grief is a great journey. There are moments of feeling inundated with pain and overwhelm, moments of clarity, insight and even hope, and every emotion in-between. Start where you are in this exact moment and know that your healing process can start with something as easy as an affirmation.

Could it really be true that something as simple as repeating a sentence or phrase could help in the grieving process?! I am here to tell you that YES, you can take small, easy steps to help you navigate and shift the trajectory of your grief journey. A positive affirmation is simply a positive thought broken down into a statement that you can repeat several times throughout every day, in moments of doubt, or any time at all. The best affirmations are ones written in your own words, by hand, and placed somewhere where you will see them a lot (like your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror). Affirmations from a book or even found online will work as well.