About Cara


Hello Dear Ones,


This is me. I survived the loss of my heart dog, Rosemary, and I know you can too. In fact, her passing is what led to to where I am today.


I am a pet loss grief coach, focused on empowering bereaved pet parents to transform grief into joy through a multidisciplinary and spiritual approach.


I am a Reiki Master and intuitive, an animal hospice nurse, mobile vet assistant, mother and wife...and my Godmother is Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a cultural icon for education and research on death, dying and grief.

My passion is to support others though the grieving and active mourning process, which creates long lasting individual healing. When we are healed, we can then feel more fully alive, present and then in-turn offer love and support to others...that's the really cool part! When you learn to heal yourself, you are then able to help others with their healing.


Connecting with other humans who dearly love animals brings me joy...assisting people in lasting life transformation brings me joy...and honoring our greatest teachers, our animals brings me joy.


 I want YOU to feel joy again too. 


I am no stranger to grief and life's hardships. When we embrace the darkness, our suffering, our shadow selves, our grief, and lean in to it, instead of resisting, great transformation happens! I believe we learn so much from each loss. I have done an extensive amount of personal work and continue to do so, shedding layer by layer to reveal a new, expansive self. 


I offer my open heart to you, in service of this powerful, important and much needed work.

There are hidden gifts in the trauma of our babies' passings.

Sometimes we just need a little support to unlock that gift.


I believe in honoring the story, the life and death, of each unique fur baby.

I want to know everything about your baby! 

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I hope I get the opportunity to connect with you.

In the meantime, I'm sending love your way.

Cara DeLaRosa Grief Coach

Cara & Rosemary 2002