I am so sorry for your loss. 

Reaching out for help is the most difficult step...and you've done it!

You have found Pet Loss Alchemy,

a safe place where we transform grief into joy.

Grieving the loss of your fur baby is difficult. It can feel isolating and lonely because others do not fully understand our suffering. Sometimes one may feel stuck not know how to move forward in life again. The soul connections we share with animals are extremely profound. I often hear that losing a pet is more difficult than losing a spouse or family member. As someone who has been through both types of loss, I agree! There is nothing worse than hearing "Get over it already!" from others who just do not understand. 

Grief can be a scary place to be...The memories and images from a tragic death or even a peaceful euthenasia can be difficult to proccess. Often we are plagued with guilty feelings around how the end unfolded for our baby. There are many reasons why folks choose to work with me. I am gentle and understanding. I listen intently, feeling into your story, like I was alongside you. I connect with and identify the issues you are struggling with and together, we look at how to support your current needs while taking steps that will help you move forward. Together we build and maintain new skill sets for coping with grief in healthy ways, while creating a new sense of normal.


Sometimes we do not what steps to take to in order to heal. Other times we know what we need, but can't find the motivation needed to do it on our own. When you have a coach to lovingly guide you and hold you accountable for your own healing, progress moves much more quickly.

Healing grief is a leap of faith into the unknown. That can feel scary, but I will be with you every step of the way. Together we will celebrate and honor your individual journey. I know you can start to build a different life, one that is joyful again. I work one-on-one with people, in person and on the phone. We set up one hour sessions, and you are responsible for doing the exercises and integrating your homework before the next session. There is daily work involved in healing; It is truly a commitment to fully loving yourself (the way that your baby loved YOU).

Your baby was sent to you as a gift to teach you that you are unconditionally loved and held while you are here on this planet. They are our spiritual teachers, giving each of us specific lessons to further our own development. Healing yourself is a way of giving unconditional love and gratitude back to them. I help you uncover and utilize the special and individual gifts they bestowed upon you, and help you to redefine and continue your relationship with them in Spirit form. They believe in you and so do I.


Working with me is $100 per session. I require a commitment of 4 sessions, preferably one week apart. You have to be able to commit to those first 4 sessions, and there is a reason! This is deep, transformative work. It's challenging. You will probably feel like burying yourself under your covers! As your Coach, it's my responsibility to hold your feet to the fire. You have to complete the first 4 sessions before you start to SEE and FEEL the changes being implemented in your life. After the first 4 sessions you are able to extend as needed. Each session week is customized for you and includes a one hour phone call, homework, check ins during the week and you can reach me via private message at any time for extra support. 

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